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How to Break Up Text With Infographics

Infographics is a blend of data-heavy information and graphics. These graphics are meant to display complex ideas, concepts, and data into more visually appealing representations. So how do we use them?

Visual Appeal

Infographics help users understand, process, and retain information faster. The biggest tips we can offer when needing to break up text are considering colors, icons, images, pie charts, diagrams, and graphs to capture attention to communicate information effectively. When we break up complex text with visuals, it makes the content more digestible and easier to grasp.

Simplifying Complexity

Understanding how to simplify complex information is also important. Ask yourself, “What is the best way to lay this out?” This is when you would have to start considering what type of infographic will work to produce clear, concise visuals. It can get overwhelming when trying to display information with visuals, but you don’t want to overdo it either, otherwise you run the risk of losing the objective.

Understanding how to display information with graphics is important to know as a graphic designer. It adds visual appeal to your data, making it less challenging for users to digest the information you are giving them.

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