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Brand Identity

Cerco Design

Brand Identity Design

project key goals

  • Craft a unique, recognizable brand identity that represents our brand values and mission
  • Create a unique brand design that shows off our creativity, using bold colours and layered elements

Our creative team leads built the Cerco brand around a simple idea- how do we take the core concepts of the Cerco brand and create a bold visual identity that sets us apart. 

Creating the branding for Cerco design was a challenge, because it wasn’t only a visual design we were creating, it was Cerco’s entire identity. We aimed to convey everything we hope Cerco is and will become through bold visual elements and unique, personalized design. Monique and Kristen, Cerco’s creative team leads, collaborated to bring the Cerco vision to life. We took Danijel’s vision for Cerco as an open collaborative and creative space, along with our own design styles. 

We started by really thinking about Cerco’s mission and the tone that we wanted to convey with our branding. Cerco a version of an Italian word meaning “to look for”. This, combined with our unique approach as a design agency focused on branding and wayfinding guided our choices in typography, colour, and more. We chose a bold, simple colour palette that represents to us the major values of our agency. We started with a bold red that reminds us of our home in Calgary and calls to mind the Italian word where we found our name. We chose a deep royal blue to represent collaboration, after seeing the shared sketches and notes written in ink as we brainstormed. Through the paper, ink and stamp elements in our branding we aimed to represent the real, face to face collaboration we thrive in as designers and dreamers. Layered paper textures, ink marks and stamp effects not only create visual interest, but represent the way creatives come together on paper and in the digital world. To truly personalize our branding and hit home on the idea of merging the physical and digital ways we are creative and collaborate, Kristen hand carved a stamp of our Cerco logo to use as our icon. This merging of the physical and digital is a representation of the space that we create in the Cerco office as we work together and with our valued clients and creator friends.

Through the visual identity of Cerco, we have created a space that encapsulates the mission behind our agency: real human connection, bold creativity, and personal collaboration.