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Brand Identity

Sysco Technologies

Brand Identity Design
SYSCO Technologies SYSCO Technologies SYSCO Technologies

project key goals

  • Create a logo that highlights SYSCO’s owner- Column Ho and all his digital expertise
  • Utilize colour and other design elements to signify technical expertise and security to clients

We created the logo and branding for SYSCO Technologies based on it’s core values. SYSCO’s main goal is to be a total digital management company that serves your entire digital network. From hardware, to cloud storage, to software implementation- SYSCO can help you with it all. Through SYSCO’s identity design, we wanted to convey a sense of technical expertise and security. We also highlighted SYSCO’s owner, Column Ho through the logo and icon. 


Our design team focused on creating a brand identity that would look modern and tech-forward when utilized in digital formats, but that would also transfer seamlessly in mono and low-colour formats.