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assistant creative
content coordinator

Nes is the Assistant Creative Content Coordinator with the Cerco creative team. She is a passionate individual with a unique talent for transforming ideas into captivating stories through the art of content creation and design.

With a strong background in graphic design, Nes weaves visual narratives that not only catch the eye but also resonate with the audience on a profound level. Her expertise extends beyond graphic design, content creation, video editing, and photography.

Nes also holds a diploma in New Media Production and Design from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where she learned graphic design, video editing, and photography. Throughout her academic journey, Nes refined her expertise in working with brand design and the development of social media assets.

With a passion for her craft, Nes continues to elevate the creative landscape, seamlessly blending her technical design skills with an ability to tell compelling stories. Her unique approach and diverse skill set position her as an invaluable asset within the Cerco creative team, where she consistently strives to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.