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As designers, our jobs are to guide users through content in a way that is structured and prioritized through design. It helps define importance and produces a flow for the user to follow. With design, we can influence what users see or interact with first, greatly impacting the way they interact with the content.

Size and Scale

The larger an element or graphic is, the more drawn to it users are. It also indicates that this element is more important than the rest.

Color and Contrast

Bright colors are a great way to emphasize importance, especially when they are used in a color palette that features more muted colors. A great way to implement this is through button colors or links.

Leading Lines

Just like in movies, design uses leading lines to improve the flow of a design. This leads users exactly where you want them to. If you can utilize this principle with other design techniques, it strengthens the flow of your work.


Negative space is not to be feared. In fact, using this design principle is a simple and effective way to emphasize elements. It puts a focal point on your most important content without the disruption of other design principles or elements. Learning to utilize negative space is a great asset as a designer.

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