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Danijel Slisko

Danijel Slisko has a long history in business development and solutions. In 2023, Danijel decided take his career to exciting new directions. This year, Danijel has taken an impressive leap to bring to you the new chapter of his continuous success, Cerco Design. 

Danijel, along with his partners, are building a multifaceted agency centered around creative design, IT solutions, promotional, and business scaling and solutions. With Dan’s 30 years of experience as a director, he makes a great strategic partner.



Danijel had the chance to meet a talented graphic designer, Kristen Malanchuk. Kristen worked with Danijel from the start to build Cerco from the ground up. We introduced Monique Laya to our leadership and hit the ground running. Cerco Design is focused on bringing creative branding, web, and large-scale design to every industry. We like to embrace big ideas while simultaneously building a network of creatives together with our Design Collective.



Kristen Malanchuk and Monique Laya are Cerco’s Co-Founders. From the beginning, Kristen and Monique have worked collaboratively to build Cerco’s foundation for new designers that are welcomed to our creative space. They have succeeded in creating Cerco’s identity to ensure that it is accurate to the vision and goals we have as a design agency.

Kristen is assisting Danijel in creative design as Assistant Creative Director, and focuses on the successful execution of our projects for external clients. Monique assists Danijel as Assistant Marketing Manager in marketing management and is responsible for the agency’s internal branding and design.


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